Project „Senior open to the world”

The main goals of the project are:

  • Activation of seniors
  • Increasing the competences of more important seniors in the field of ITC
  • Improving the quality of management management, improving the skills of fluency in the use of language skills
  • Establishing partnerships with non-formal adult learning organizations – networking
  • Supporting people with different groups, origin, people, age in working with security (safe security measures)

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DAY I – God morgon Sverige

Our adventure began on December 3 – group mobility of seniors to Sweden carried out as part of the “Senior …

DAY II – We get to know the activities of Swedish seniors

We started the second day of our adventure with breakfast at the hotel and getting ready for the day. At …

DAY III – treats of seniors from Malmö

We started the third day lazily, because we started with breakfast and free time where everyone could rest and do …