DAY III – treats of seniors from Malmö

We started the third day lazily, because we started with breakfast and free time where everyone could rest and do whatever they wanted in the hotel. Only at 12 o’clock did we set off by bus to another Senior Home in Malmö, where, together with seniors from Sweden, we ate lunch, which was served on site. Everyone wanted to try the delicacies that seniors eat in Malmö, so we tried to make everyone try at least a little of each dish. After lunch, it was time for a concert during which we admired the musical talent of one of the seniors. After the performance, we decided to walk back to the hotel and visit a few new places, such as the castle in Malmö, where we took photos; a Protestant church with preserved paintings from over 300 years ago.

Then returning to the hotel, a moment of rest and a tasty dinner, we decided to go for another walk, admiring the places we had already visited during the previous days. It was a good day.