DAY I – God morgon Sverige

Our adventure began on December 3 – group mobility of seniors to Sweden carried out as part of the “Senior open to the world” project no. 2022-1-PL01-KA122-ADU-000071920.

In the morning we all took a bus from Opole to the airport in Katowice, from which we flew to Copenhagen at 6:00. The carrier picked us up there and we all went to the hotel in Malmö. The road was amazing, because both cities are separated by the Baltic Sea, crossed by the Oresund Bridge – so the views were fabulous, and the enthusiasm of the seniors compensated for the tiredness after the journey.

After reaching the hotel, a coordinator was waiting for us and provided everyone with basic information about mobility. Then we all ate breakfast and had some time to ourselves. After we had some rest after the journey, we went for a walk around the center of Malmö, where there was a Christmas market, which everyone really liked. After the walk, we returned to the hotel and rested the rest of the day after the trip, eagerly awaiting the next day.